This Saturday turned out to be one of the most nostalgic evenings I’ve had at BYU. Dewali – “The Festival of Lights” was organized by the Indian Students Association in the Wilk. Although I am not Indian. but since Pakistan has so much cultural heritage in common with India that that night felt like being in Pakistan.

The event included various performances on Bollywood tracks. I was amazed at the talent these performers had. I mean, the dances that they performed were no different from the choreographed steps in the most renowned Indian movies. It kept rushing my mind back to the days in Pakistan when every wedding would play similar songs and people would dance in the similar fashion.

The performances were followed by “Bombay House”-catered dinner. Having naan after three months; man, it was so nice. I had been craving for that taste in food for so long that I went all out on that food, to the point that I was so full that I needed to sit down for a while.

Another attractive feat at the event was the Henna booth; a true representative of the sub-continental culture. In short, henna is the application of mehendi as a temporary form of skin decorationThe artistic designs reminded of all the festivities we used to have back at home.

In conclusion, this Saturday night … well-spent!