So, I procrastinated on groceries for quite sometime. You’re thinking two or three days, not too big a deal, eh? Well, it was for two whole weeks, no joke. I basically had nothing in the apartment besides milk the whole time. In fact, now that i think about it, it sounds more stupid than astonishing. Why I did this .. well, lets see.

The day I felt as though I should go and do some groceries, it snowed. My desire to step a foot outside my apartment plummeted. My thought started drifting more towards “why the heck am I in Utah, of all places, ugggh!” and similar unpleasant thoughts.

Well, the snow cleared within a couple of days, I then got stuck with the busiest week I’ve had at college yet. I was spending over 16 hours on campus daily; less than 6 hours of sleep every night. (I know that for some of you insomniacs out there, this sounds like a bad joke but the fact of the matter is, I’m not like you! I’m that lazy a-.. who always sleeps-in.)

So, another week passed by, I kind of liked the fact that I didn’t have groceries that entire week. Probably would have been another tempting reason to come home sooner and waste time.

Surely, all the eating on campus didn’t turn out to be the best thing for my budget, especially last night when I totally went all out at Smith’s. I don’t know, I never thought how not doing groceries once can make you double your groceries for the next time. You know what I mean? Um, maybe I’m just confusing myself.

Anyway, that was my interesting story from this week. Hope ya’ll have a fun week ahead!

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