For last week, our blog activity for the M Com class was to offer a stranger a can of coke. Honestly, I don’t think there is a definite reaction to it. The assignment got me thinking along the same lines as well. As my mind pondered, i kept imagining the weirdest reactions possible. What is the person think I am trying poisoning them or I am an angel sent with the purposing of guiding them to the path of righteousness (and whatnot) or even if I am a human-trafficker. (Phew!)

Since I couldn’t keep day-dreaming about it forever, so I actually went to a ragged stranger, probably homeless, standing by the bike-rack at Smith’s. A million ideas rushed through my head. There was no telling what will happen next. I said, “Hi, here’s a coke can for you.” Its hard for me to put into words the thought that were ambushing my mind right at that split-second which felt like forever. Then, the response came, “Thanks.”

The man, standing with the coke can in his hands, staring back dead at my face. The situation, which my mind had perceived as a life-changing, mind-swirling experience of a lifetime just raced by in a second. Not even interesting enough to mention.

Well, if there is anything to be learnt from this experience, it is that you can never really imagine what doing something as random as offering a stranger a can of coke really do!

One thought on ““Hi, here’s a coke can for you.”

  1. Nice blog you have here Talha. Keep writing. Maybe buy someone else a "coke" to see if the reaction is the same.

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