As I glance out my bedroom window, I cannot help but be grateful for this wonderful weather which I’m absolutely certain will be gone very soon. When I recall winter semester, all I can picture are the walks to Wyview park in the gloomy cold weather, and my blaring headphones playing the tunes of Talib Kweli–just thinking of that sickens me. It’s so hard to fathom that this very campus will once again be taken over by that dark cloud once again.

Hence, my roommate and I decided to pursue our Family Home Evening group to hold an outdoor activity. So now, with some basic sports equipment, we’ve planned a cricket family home evening activity. Knowing Americans’ interest of cricket, we’re certain it will be an arduous evening. Nonetheless, my roommates sure seem to be looking forward to the activity.

From my experience, I’ve seen how initiative leads to the most surprising outcomes. The things you never expect happen so unexpectedly. Therefore, you’re only losing on your part by not venturing out into the unknown.