As I took my seat in the small conference room among seven or so 25-year-old finance seniors, a feeling of eerie excitement and anxiety surged though my body–I was somewhere I had wanted to be so bad, for so long. I was attending my first officers’ meeting for the BYU Finance Society.

As a student-run organization, Finance Society offers a platform for all BYU students to learn more about and improve skills necessary for success in the enormous, fast-paced world of finance. Last week, in a meeting with the club president, I was asked to pilot and make necessary amendments to the club website. The assignment was a test of my skills to see if I was up to par for the job. Luckily enough, I made it!

What amazed me was the degree of professionalism, I mean it wasn’t like “Harry Potter Book-reading Club.” Most people here already have numerous accomplishments under their belt and are continuing on to do far more with their lives. Their enthusiasm to give back to the club, and hence to the students, is surely commendable.

I am glad to be a part of this team, as there is much I can learn from them. Also, I am grateful to my friends whose support made all this possible.

BYU Finance Society!