As I mentioned in my last post, one of the most interesting journeys I have decided to embark on is learning Spanish. Although it has been tough catching up with the pace of the class alongside managing other classes, but the experience has been very rewarding. (I shouldn’t give you the wrong impression that I can totally understand or converse in Spanish. I’m only at the beginner’s basics.)

Learning a new language can surely be interesting. It opens your eyes to something totally new, something you never knew existed. For instance, the other day I walked into Taco Bell and I got this funny feeling. The words on the Menu behind the counter didn’t seem that foreign anymore.

Another interesting thing I noticed was, your mind continually connects elements of your first language to the language you’re learning. Especially if you already know two languages, your mind is in a constant battle to see which word or expression relates when and where. I felt that knowing Urdu and English really keeps this buzz going back and forth. Now, I see Spanish as a language that uses more English related words with Urdu sounds. So far, this has given many people the false impression that I’m really at Spanish. (Well, as far as its a good impression, I don’t really mind!)

I would encourage everyone to venture out of their soft spot sometime and just see where it takes you.

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