As my sophomore year kicks off at BYU, there is a new vibe in the air. Many new thoughts and ideas rush to mind. Classes, prospective careers, social life, sports…

For this third semester, I have planned to take a variety of classes to minimize the monotonous effect that studying can sometimes have. I know for a fact that in the following years, more and more of my classes will be along the same lines so I believe that now, I have the luxury to actually explore and enjoy this learning process as much as I can.

My most interesting class this semester is Life guarding; although there isn’t a slight chance I’ll be doing this for the rest of my life but that’s what exploring is, I guess. My most intense class this semester is probably Statistics for Economists; isn’t the name daunting enough? Haha. My most beneficial class this semester this semester is Management Communication; I could go on bad-mouthing it as the most ridiculous class as they teach you grammar–I mean, is this sixth grade, really?– or I could sugar coat is as my favorite class since I’ve been to college, either way, it is, and I am pretty certain that it will be, one of the most helpful classes that i will take at BYU.

My most unique class this semester is Spanish 101; I do speak two languages already but the interest to learn a third one, just for kicks, kinda gets people puzzled. My most easiest class this semester, although I don’t intend to underestimate its importance in any way, is Accounting 200; after taking two years of Advanced Cambridge Accounting, this stuff really seems no different than ordinary.

I guess I have a fair mix of classes here and so, I hope that this semester proves to be an unforgettable one.

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