This past weekend, my high school friends and I planned to escape the scorching Rawalpindi sun for a chillaxing time in Bhurban – a hill resort just 45 miles from Islamabad. The trip came around the ideal time as the capital city was soaked in the humid 110 F weather.

Bhurban, to us, means more than just a weekend off from the hustle and bustle of routine life. Its the freedom from all entanglements of the modern world like email, internet, television, cable and even cell phones to some point. It provides us the unique chance to just let go and wander off in deep thought. For this reason, we spent a lot of our time on the terrace, enjoying the scenic beauty of sunset behind the marvelous mountain and talking about the random-est of things.

If not for the debates, that terrace with its scenic view was the ideal place to just sit back and reflect. Its funny that I’ve been going to that house every summer for more than half a decade, but every time I sit on that terrace the whole scenery and the ambiance feels so new. And just like old times, I took some lone-time out on this visit and just enjoyed the sunset behind the hills.

I think its important that one should have such a place, a haven, to escape to for serenity. Figure out what soothes you and believe you me, it will forever be your sanctuary.

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