State Bank of Pakistan issued a statement in yesterday’s paper that Pakistan’s Economic performance for the previous fiscal hasn’t been favorable. Doesn’t come as a surprise, does it? As one of the world’s most booming population looms over the issues at hand, most blatantly overlook the outcomes of this dreaded scenario. Pakistan’s “average Joe” has little time from searching for shortcuts and running after mirages of get-rich-quick schemes to dedicate his efforts to the prosperity of the once struggled-for nation. But he is certainly not to blame, right? He sits in the choraha (street corner) talking black about the government he was cheering for only a couple of months ago. “It’s the politicians!” Isn’t that all we hear? The corrupt leaders who put their selfish desires ahead of their country. Wait, if that’s the case, what makes the “average Joe” any different here? Did you not blame the corrupt politician for not serving you with all luxuries of life? While you were searching every opportunity to escape your country so you can things better only for you and your family? Correct me if I’m wrong, but that is self interest. In all your intents and instincts, the only motivation you receive to drag your lousy self to a job you so obviously dread is the desire that you will someday make it to the high-life.

Yet, this doesn’t solve the problem by far. The poor man still toils under the scorching sun eagerly awaiting a solution to this affliction. An optimist would suggest a mere change in attitude, but reality asks for much more. The fact of the matter is that we, the people, are the driving force behind it all. Every revolution stems from the might of the citizens. If that citizen only fights for his interest, it’ll do the entire society no good and the scornful acts of the ruler would ultimately come back to him in the form of a miserable life.

Charity always begins at home! An improvement within the individual grows outwardly in an improvement of the society. The man must educate himself for the betterment of his soul and in turn, serve the community in a way that inspires others. Today, those who do take the certain necessary step give in to greed and the opportunity to be somewhere better, doing something better all under the false banner of “present unalterable circumstances”.

As change instills, much is needed for. Still, we hope.

One thought on “Pakistan’s Poor Economic Performance: Who deserves the blame?

  1. Great post Talha, it's a level-headed analysis and I think its a great point that only blaming leaders and others for our problems is a little unnecessary. Leaders are only a mere reflection of the general populace.

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