I recently began my internship at Kohinoor Textile Mills Ltd. based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. My emphasis is primarily upon finance, but I do aim to avail this opportunity to acquaint myself with all aspects of a firm (marketing, accounting, sales, human resource etc). I hope that this will enrich my exposure to the business world.

Here are certain aims that I have set for myself and might even help prospective intern on how to make the most of an internship

• Refresh Cambridge Advanced Levels Accounting & Economics knowledge and apply it in understanding and analyzing the company’s financial reports.
• Learn about the different jobs within a financial department of a company, the nature they are of, the tasks they are required to carry out and the type of professionals who are employed at those positions.
• Analyze how the size of the firm affects its operations, running and management; also the responsibilities of its employees. Learn about the pros and cons of working at a small vs. large firm.
• Outline the skills certain specific positions in the department require. Understand how these skills are essential to their work and further explore into the ways these skills are developed while in college or early-on in the career.
• Identify the use of technology/computer software in finance related work. Recognize how it aids to an efficient running of financial operations.
• Get a wholesome exposure to the firm’s operations, even outside its finance department. Analyze how these various departments come together to deliver the firm’s services to its clients.
• Understand and develop work ethics (networking, work habits, etc). Recognize their importance in a work setting for the individual’s career and progress of the firm.

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  1. Like I've said before, i think you'll probably look back at this internship, and be glad as hell you did it! So many hilarious stories, especially gate passes haha

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