I certainly had a lot in mind for the longest summer break I’ll ever have my whole life. Four months of nothing to do is the pinnacle of being unproductive, in my opinion. So, the agenda for this summer is… (Lets see how much of it actually gets done)

First and foremost, spending some quality time with my wonderful family who I won’t be seeing for the next ten months. Adding to it is the prospect of life just getting more and more hectic from here. Therefore, lets just have a good time.

El espaƱol – Since I’ll be taking my first Spanish class this fall, I think I should get started on the bare-basics now. Since the other kids will at least have a high school exposure to the language, I wouldn’t want to be at a disadvantage.

Something valuable I consider is attaining some technical skills that might aid to my capabilities, whether it be in my major or not. I’m hoping to get started on learning some web development skills.

Stay consistent on the evening soccer/work-out, since the physical activity keeps you healthy. Plus, its another opportunity to stay social and enjoy the break. So far, till the weather’s bearable with the humidity and temperature, its the best way to avail the out-doors as well.

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  1. Well hopefully the summer has turned out the way you intended for it to be in May :D…gotta start up tennis this upcoming semester, should be an exciting semester ahead!

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