I regret not staying consistent in writing this blog. College life sure has its million different ways to keep students busy but now that summer break is here, I hope to get back into my writing mode and contribute to this blog as much as I can.

Since you last heard from me, a lot has changed. My freshman year of college has come to an end and hopefully I move on to much bigger and better things from here. Currently, I’m having my four-month summer break. This break just started a week ago. My main objective for this break is spending some quality time with my family who I got to see for the first time after eight months (and that sure was a long time, no doubt!)

One thing I’ve realized from this past year is how much I mean to my family, especially my parents and more importantly what they mean to me. Well, you know what they say, “you don’t really know what you got till its gone.” I’ve learnt to become more appreciative of the small things I have been blessed with. After all, life is all about the little things, right? These little occasions and gestures that make us feel we’re in the right place with the right people.

This much for now, I hope to keep this blog alive throughout summer. Hope ya’ll enjoy it!