Second semester at BYU has made me realize that college isn’t all about studies and friends. Its one step towards becoming more responsible by balancing all aspects of life, and one important aspect of life is WORK.

Last semester, I got a job on campus but given my whimsical attitude, never really took work seriously. But this semester, things have surely changed for the good. With 4-days a week 8:00 am classes and regular 11:00 pm max bedtime, I feel far more productive than before. This, of course, comes with the cost of a hectic schedule (breakfast-classes-lunch-work-swimming-dinner-homework-sleep!) and the feeling of always being on the run.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t all that torturous. Work limits to 20 hours per week and on top of that, I limit myself to around 16 hours. Giving time to study, hang out with friends and relax. Especially with the exciting basketball season rolling, every weekend brings with it an adrenaline-rushing b-ball thrill.

I guess that as college goes on, it’ll keep getting worse, or better. Depends on how you look at it. But for me, its definitely getting better.