As this blog as been my little diary of events and experiences, it fascinates a lot of people to look at life through my perspective. I admit that maybe my writing isn’t top-notch, but I do have some darn good stories to tell, eh? (haha)

Reading through these experiences, a reporter for the Deseret News decided to do a story on my little experiences. After having a brief interview on the phone and a photo-shoot in the middle of the library, I was eagerly waiting to see the article published. I wanted to add that article to my presentation as the icing on the cake, but I guess it needed some more time therefore I couldn’t. So during the Winter break while I was in Houston, a got a facebook message from friend saying “Dude, you’re famous!” Finally, it was out.

It was uplifting to read the article and the comments that followed, especially the encouraging remarks many people had written. Going through them I got the feeling of finally putting a message out there, a positive message for that matter.

I can tell you’re dying to read it, well here it is!

One thought on “The Long Awaited Articles Gets Published

  1. Thanks for sending me the link. I enjoyed reading the article. There were many positive comments, and I think you can be proud of your efforts to tell your story.

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