Life has definitely been in the fast lane for the past couple of days. Spending all days on campus hasn’t really been relaxing and it seems a well-deserved Christmas break is finally here. As I pull-off my first college all-nighter, I look back at this week. I’m so grateful for my scores.

Math 119 – 100% Perfect Score! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I walked out of the testing center and saw my score at the monitor screen. There were 30 problems on the test and I had totally guessed on one of the problems and for some, I worked my way back to the question.

Religion C 100 – 91%. I’m definitely getting an A in that class. It had been one of the coolest of my classes this semester and I really enjoyed taking it.

American Heritage – I got a 77% which seems very low but the class average is in the mid sixties. So, according to the curve, I’m sort of looking at an A or A-. (Life’s good)

I SYS 101 – The pass/fail class (haha). The final was actually kind of hard. I learnt the intricacies of PowerPoint

I hope the rest of my semesters continue going like this.