If you have a good understanding of basic economic principles, there is a lecture that you HAVE to attend. Prof. Jim Kearl is a graduate of Utah State University and holds a PhD from MIT. He pursued postgraduate work at Harvard and joined the BYU Economics Department in 1975. Following an appointment as a White House Fellow and special assistant to Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, he returned to full-time economics teaching.

The last lecture he gives in his Econ 110 class is considered the best lecture on campus. Even though I don’t take econ from Prof. Kearl, I went to this lecture on Thursday. The 75-minute collection of four mini-lectures was the best in-class experience I have ever had in my life.

Prof. Kearl started talking about government role in market economy and during half the class time, he used logic to prove two contrasting points of view. Then, we brought in doctrine to support these ideas and introduced an entirely different idea. He economically proved the significance of tithing. In the last section of his lecture he talked about college courses and our responsibilities as students. The lecture was vivid of his shrewdness.

I would recommend everyone to attend that lecture of the semester and have the best in-class experience of their life.