Its hard to believe how fast this semester has passed by. It seems like only yesterday I had my first day. August 26th was my first day on campus. The day I felt my head swirling when I made my way to the Wilk. I remember hyperventilating on the UTA bus, getting completely stressed out. The thought of being on my own, no one that you know, in a foreign country. It just kept coming to my mind, again and again. Somehow I managed to get through that day. Back then, the end of the semester seemed so far away.

Throughout the the first month of this semester Ramadan was going on so I was fasting which made it even harder. Daily 15-hour fasts with hunger and thrust, I understood the importance of fasting. I met my friends from Pakistan and used to have dinner with them daily… something I looked forward to the whole day.

In my great FHE, I made my roommate dress up in Kurta Shalwar, the national Pakistani dress. We had been planning this for ever a week. Chris, my roommate, found the dress so comfortable, he returned it to me after a week. That night, we even cooked and later played viola in those clothes. I considered the prospects of starting a business of importing those clothes and selling them to ordinary people. My friends thought that this dress was appropriate for all sorts of occasions.

Eid-ul-fitr (at the end of Ramadan) came in my first month at BYU too. I went for the congregational prayer in Salt Lake City and experienced the most diverse Eid of my life.

College Football is something exceptional that happened in my life this semester. I became a part of the the most awesome game of the season. BYU vs UofU! Rushing the field that night and almost getting stepped over (which I even have on video)

I’m glad this semester turned out the way it did, making all these incredible memories that I’m going to keep. Even though both my roommates will to be here for Winter semester, I think my time at BYU will hopefully get better.

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  1. Talha,
    I appreciate your honesty and positive attitude while you experience so many new "firsts." Keep in touch and let me know how you are doing.
    class participation/blog: 93%

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