Friday night was another one of those “My coolest nights at BYU” (Not just figuratively, but literally as well). It had been a busy week with serious studying and I felt the need to take a break and enjoy. So, I got done with the Calculus mid-term around eight o’clock and headed off to Freeze Fest with my Homies (buddies from my home country).

Don’t think I’m primitive when I say this, but I’ve never ice-skated before in my life. Its not my fault, we never had snow in Islamabad. So I was psyched about this new experience. We got our passes and checked out our ice-skates. My shoe size is 10 and they were out of 10s or 11s, so I had no other option but to get a 9. I squeezed in my feet to those tiny skates and could no longer feel my toes. A little while later, I was on ice. I couldn’t feel my feet. but the excitement just kept me going. I learnt to balance pretty quickly and enjoyed going around the ring a number of times. Even with the excruciating pain, it seemed to be worth it.

After ice skating, we headed to the dance party. After some crazy dancing on a couple of upbeat songs, a slow song came up and since I hadn’t “come with anyone,” plus I didn’t even know how to waltz so I thought it wouldn’t be a good idea to ask any girl for a dance. So, I decided to quietly move to one of the side. It was one of those “Oh Gosh! I wish I knew how to…” moments. But surprisingly, a girl came up to me and asked me if I wanted to dance. I said, “Well, I don’t really know how to, but I would be glad if you teach me.” So through half the song, I just learnt how to waltz and in the other half, i barely managed to keep up with the pace. Well, I’m glad that now if I’m at a dance and a slow song comes up, I won’t have to slip to the side.

So, that’s how my Friday night turned out to be pretty darn awesome.