Life cannot get any better than this.

I’ve heard countless incidents of college life full of all sorts of spontaneous activities but never imagined it to be anything like this. Stressful study days can drive anyone nuts so you really need that break. For me, this weekend has been the essential needed break. Even though I’m here putting a blog entry at four in the morning, this weekend has been a blessing.

Apart from that, I believe its memories like these that you take away from college. I mean, how many times have you heard your dad say that he used to spend his study time in the college library? He would probably be more interested in telling you about the time he went on a road-trip with his closest friends over the weekend.

I think that as far as you keep a balance in your life, you make the most out of it. To be completely drawn to either of the two sides can have pretty devastating consequences. I look forward to having a joyful and successful college life, an experience that I will never forget.