If you have read my previous blog posts, you can surly tell that the past couple of month since I’ve come to US have been full of new experiences. The numerous “My First’s” are filled with fun incidents. But to be honest, it hasn’t really been that fun everytime. Like this incident…

Ketchup with Pizza — EWW! I know you just said that. I don’t understand what’s so weird about having ketchup with pizza. It happened during my first week at BYU. I was at this party in my building and there was pizza. So, I grabbed the ketchup bottle and poured some. All of a sudden, the room just fell dead silent. “Who eats pizza with ketchup? That’s gross!” and I didn’t even have an answer for that. People say pizza already has tomato paste in it so ketchup is simply unnecessary. So, what if I like extra tomato paste pizza? Well now, whenever I’m having pizza in my room while watching some movie or TV show, I secretly pour some ketchup, so I can enjoy my pizza.

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