After pulling off a couple of those 12-hours on campus, I have finally discovered that library is the right place to settle down. With finals only a week away, library seems to be the only place I feel focused enough to get all the studying done. Whether it be a calculus worksheet or an English paper, the library can work wonders.

May God rest ye merry gentlemen… After finals.

Especially with the extended hours, if seems so continent to just go to a quite place and review over course material. Level 1 is currently my favorite spot. The peaceful environment there is ideal to spend a couple of hours on your own or with some study friends. The siting area in front of Honor Reading Room on Level 3 is perfect to lay back on the comfy couches and do some paper, it is where I work on my blog.

If you feel exhausted, a power-nap later you’ll be in the mood to get back on those books. With less than 2 weeks till Christmas Break, there is no doubt that getting max done is only possible in the library.

Have a good time… in the lib. =)

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