Last Friday, in my American Heritage lab, our TA, while talking about using different resources on campus to do better on tests and papers, mentioned a phrase “earning your tuition.” It just struck me right there, and instantly, I wrote it on the front page of my notebook.

I think that phrase has a deep meaning in the life of every college student. For me, it brought back all my memories of hard work. All that I had persevered to be successful enough to accomplish so much and make it here today. The sacrifice and struggle we all put in reaps its fruit for all of us. Its not just that first pay-check you get from your very first job after graduating from college, but its all that you earn at an institution. The priceless knowledge that you attain, it becomes a part of you and your life forever.

As my first semester at BYU comes to an end, I feel I have already learned so much in so little time. The experiences, the memories, the friendships, the relationships, and anove all, the knowledge… all that this prestigious institution has given me has helped me grow. It excites me to think about the rest of my years here-so much to look forward to!

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