Going over my blog, I realized that I have written too much about religion. BYU certainly is a big change, and there is a lot more that has been going on in my life since I have came here.

College classes are really different from high school classes (especially, for me). Over the last 12 years of life, I had been studying under the British education system. I felt a significant difference in the style of education practiced here in US. The most prominent difference is in the approach towards learning. British education practices focus more on principle and theories, whereas the American system teaches more about practicality, and how to implement the ideas in real life.

Surprisingly, I spend less time in front of books now, and obviously I like it a lot better. This certainly does not mean that school is easier here, but in fact it teaches me more. I believe this style of education prepares students to go out and be more productive. They can easily relate class room principles to real life, and hence be more efficient at work.

In high school, you could study in the last month before exams and easily ace that class. It definitely required 10+ hours of studying in a day, but you get the advantage of enjoying the rest of the year. It definitely isn’t the same in college. It doesn’t make too much difference whether you have two classes in a day or four, with a balanced schedule, you can balance out work and leisure.