For my first blog, I decided to present you all with something I wrote for my facebook ‘about me’ in the info section two years ago…

A lot of you would agree that if I had simply written, “Ask mafia, they’d know better” in my about me, it would have been better!

Still, I’ll take the pain. I guess it all began when I was just in second grade and my brother tried throwing a brick in the sky without realizing that gravity does exist and eventually, it landed safely on my head or maybe that other time when he locked me in the suit case while I was pretending to be his pet and then he tried opening it using a knife. You do realize that I was inside, right?
Well, those were the good old memories of sibling hood, until recently I “accidently” met myself! I found myself in quite despair and at time, agony. (I wonder what exactly led to that.)
I don’t want to take it further into being morbid and instead, would appreciate telling you all about the rainbows, sunshine, unicorns and of course, everything else that involves the color pink.
I’m pathetic! Yeah, you heard me. Although I don’t admit it in real life but inside, I know that and today, for some weird reason, I feel like sharing that with everyone.
Life wasn’t always that bad, you see. I mean there were good times as well, like the time I got some fortitude and went up to talk to the girl I had had a crush on for over a month. Ooh yeah, that was an event.
In real life, you’ll find me to be a really reserved and quite person. I don’t want to be anything like that but GOSH, can’t seem to help it!

Yup, you’ve got the inside scoop now. I wish you luck exploring the rest of me!

Well, things certainly seem to have changed since those days, and as they keep changing, I hope they are changing for the good.

I hope this wasn’t too terrible for my first blog, and I hope the responses are encouraging enough to keep me posting here.

Happy blogging!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my life

  1. Talha,
    I was very interested in reading the opinion of a nonmember classmate in order to hear about how various religions feel about the LDS church. I also love BYU for the high standards, but although I am LDS, I also have a little issue with students getting married at such a young age. Providing for a family while still attending school is definitely not normal in the real world as I have seen living in New Jersey. Additionally, in New Jersey a large family is six kids. Here, its about double that so I definitely understand your points.

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